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Nutrition and Health

As the sector for more health focussed and nutritionally aware products opens up, transparency of ingredients is crucial and this equally throws light on production methods.

It goes without saying that the water used in the production of ‘clean’ foods and drinks should be as clean as possible. However, most tap water is far from it and requires stripping back significantly in order to rid it of harmful minerals – to both body and processing equipment, not to mention the impact on flavour.

Customers past and present range from the production of nut milks through activated seeds and soft drinks to the vast and growing market of fruit and vegetable juices.

Our blended RO water allows ingredients to shine at the same time as protecting equipment, all whilst ensuring consistency of product, something that’s as critical when starting out as it is when upscaling.

Depending on the scale of production, we’d recommend anything from our entry level Sierra system right up to our largest RO units – contact us for advice.

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