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Coffee shops & cafes

With water at such variable quality levels around Europe, an effective reverse osmosis system is your insurance against scale related damage to equipment, reducing the level of minerals that also inhibit efficient coffee extraction. It is the only type of filtration to choose if you serve speciality coffee in a hard water area. A blending valve allows you to fine tune the TDS level of your water to achieve an optimal flavour in the cup. Our booster pump and larger, efficient membranes means that water wastage is kept to an absolute minimum, a matter of extreme importance in our current climate. Comparing favourably to other systems on the market, rejection rates are as low as 1:1, increasing to 2:1 product to waste in warmer months.

We’re proud to work with some of the very best coffee roasters in the world, including Workshop Coffee, Square Mile, Caravan Coffee Roasters, Notes Roastery, Allpress, La Brulerie Belleville, KB Caffe, Climpson & Son’s, Union Hand Roasted and many more. Our roasting partners know that when they recommend our system and service, their customers will be getting the very best from the carefully sourced and roasted beans they’ve chosen to buy.

Our Sierra system is widely used by small to medium cafes, whilst our H-1500 system is capable of much higher volumes, larger cafes and restaurants and/or more applications forge ice machines, multiple espresso machines and drinking water taps.

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