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MAD Symposium


La Fontaine from Brulerie Belleville

La Fontaine, the first cafe from Brulerie Belleville

La Fontaine, the first cafe from Brulerie Belleville

You probably know that we work with many roasters across the UK and Europe. Well, one of our favourite roasting partners is Brulerie Belleville, and we’re going to be completely honest here and admit it’s partly because it means we get to visit them in Paris from time to time. Belleville supply beans, and our RO’s, to many cafes now across the city, from the tiny CREAM at the top of Belleville to bustling brunch dream Holybelly, just off the Canal St Martin.

Towards the end of last month we were delighted to attend the launch of their first cafe; La Fontaine occupies a busy corner between Belleville itself, where they operate their roastery, and Canal St Martin, on a quintessentially Parisienne square in a hip, charming, but still rough around the edges, neighbourhood. We returned, whilst in town for the excellent P(OUR) symposium, last weekend to see that it’s settling in rather nicely.

It’s an undeniably beautiful space, from the tiled floor and copper topped bar to the hand painted details on the windows and tables, but what is perhaps most significant, is that Belleville have chosen to go against the grain – by not opening a typically third wave style cafe, they’re providing true quality to the unsuspecting. La Fontaine may be a touch prettier than the average, typical Parisienne street cafe, but it’s not so far removed. What is different is the quality of the equipment and suppliers; yes, that’s a La Marzocco Linea on the bar and a Mahlkonig EK43, the batch brewed filter coffee and espresso based drinks are expertly made and the food menu is based on French classics but painstakingly sourced from small, quality focussed suppliers. The offering easily trips into evening service too, with a clever aperitif menu and carefully selected wines and craft beer.

It’s a brilliant concept and we hope to see more spring up across the capital…..

Beautiful details

Beautiful details

Dublin World of Coffee

Well, that was fun wasn’t it?

Whilst we didn’t have a stand this year, we joined the throngs of coffee folk that descended upon Dublin for a long weekend of learning, innovations and competitions. That’s not to mention the vast amount of delicious coffee being brewed. We felt proud that a number of our roasting partners showcased some of the best beans available;  Caravan, Square Mile, Workshop, Union Hand Roasted, Climpson & Sons and Allpress, all doing a sterling job of representing the UK.

As always, SCAE’s World of Coffee is a great excuse to check out the local coffee scene and we were incredibly impressed by the rapidly growing coffee community led by 3fe, whose original cafe stands as a shining example of quality and service.

Huge congratulations have to go to Berg Wu from Taiwan who takes the title of World Barista Champion 2016 – we can’t wait to see what he does next.

See you in Budapest!



P(OUR) Symposium

As much as we love the coffee industry, and we sincerely do, our customers span a broad range across drinks hospitality, from wine and restaurants through drink production and bars and hotels.

So when P(OUR) was announced, founded by none other than Alex Kratena and Simon Caporale, leaving The Artesian recently at the top of it’s game, we were all ears. Joined by other figures in the drinks industry, leading it’s future, a collective was formed with the belief that by sharing knowledge, exploring new ideas and exchanging inspiration, it’s possible to reimagine the way the industry works and ultimately create a brighter and more sustainable future.

The inaugural symposium is a platform free from profit and brings together bartenders, wine makers, sommeliers and baristas alike. Taking place in Paris 19-20 June with the theme ‘The Modern Bartender’ we believe it’s the start of something very positive indeed.

See you there!


SCAE The Nordic World Of Coffee Gothenburg

SCAE Nordic


We’re very excited about the Nordic World of Coffee show in Gothenburg next week and hope to see lots of you there!

Although we won’t have a stand this year, we’ll be in Gothenburg at the show Tuesday to Thursday and then enjoying the Midsummer festivities until Saturday.

If you’re around and want to talk to us about Bespoke Water and water filtration we’d love to chat. Either grab me in person at the show or….

email chloe@pendred.com

call 07875 194 995

or tweet @BespokeWater

We’d love to hear from you!

MAD Symposium

We were delighted to have been invited to provide water filtration for the coffee service at #MAD3 last year, and we must have done an ok job as they’ve invited us back for #MAD4!

We had a fantastic time in that big red tent, horrifically and blissfully over caffeinated, and can’t wait to do it all over again this coming weekend. Once again the coffee line-up for the symposium, curated by Tim Wendelboe and Jens Nørgaard, promises to be outstanding, the very best of the industry, and we’re proud to be helping to make that coffee taste the very best it can. With a theme of ‘What is Cooking’ and an unreleased line-up, based on last years thrills and spills we can only expect some interesting surprises in store for us.

In other Copenhagen news, we have our small Sierra system now purring away up at Noma. Tim Wendelboe is currently in the process of implementing a espresso service at the leading restaurant and so we’re more than a bit excited to be part of what will potentially be the world’s very best restaurant coffee service.


SCAE World of Coffee 2014 – Rimini



Well, you can’t accuse those guys organising SCAE World of Coffee of picking dodgy spots for their shows now can you? Last year we slummed it in Nice, suffered hot weather and cool rosé to get our reverse osmosis units to the rest of Europe, outside our natural habitat of London.

This year we have to deal with the Italian Adriatic Coastal holiday destination of Rimini. No really, it’s a tough life…

Ok, so we’re pretty excited about driving our Bespoke Water bar across to Italy, where we’ll, once again, be providing delicious chilled drinking water from our stand to all visitors and exhibitors. We’re lucky enough to have a Marco über boiler and grinder to brew some tasty fresh crop African coffees from Workshop, using some different waters for you to try for yourself.

So, come visit us on stand C7/096, feel free to drink our water throughout the show, we’ll also have FREE blended RO water to take away for coffee brewing throughout the three days, just ask!

We may have a couple of tricks up our sleeve too…..make sure you come say hi!


We’re delighted to announce that we’re going to have the gorgeous Marta from Coffee Bird on the stand periodically. We’ll be showcasing Coffee Bird’s delicious beans by cupping them using two different waters; we hope you’ll be stunned by the difference our water makes!

Keep an eye out on Twitter, we’ll be announcing the timings there!



The London Coffee Festival 2014


So, a whole year has passed since we first launched the Bespoke Water division within Pendred Retail at The London Coffee Festival. There was not the remotest chance we weren’t going to return to the scene of the crime, and so this year we occupied a stand just a few along from where we were last year.

Once again we were blessed with the help from industry friends; Marco lent us one of their fabulous uber boilers (good job as our stand now has an uber sized hole in it) – we want a Splurty next year, and our lovely customers Caravan gave us some delicious beans to brew up; I hope they don’t mind that we destroyed half of it with dirty London water…. :-0 We offered something on the non trade days in the form of Blue Crow Media London’s Independent Coffee Maps which we had for sale on the stand.




We had a rotation of friendly baristas on the bar, preparing chemex after chemex of water taste demonstrations to visitors to the show. Rather than the two varying TDS levels within a happy range that we showcased last year, we kept it a bit more simple, brewing with water straight out of the tap against water filtered through our reverse osmosis units. Luckily most of the public were emphatic in their surprise at the difference in flavour, in particular, a couple of guys from Edinburgh were amazed at how ‘heavy’ tasting the coffee was brewed with London tap water, blessed as they are with very low mineral water themselves.



Ant and Ben from Black Box Coffee, located normally on the Floripa site, were generous with their time and banter. We also had guest shifts from James, who’s coffee bar at Lyles is our latest install and opening at the end of this month; Bruno, who flits through the industry providing support in many ways, from barista coaching to bar design and project consultation; we even caught James Hoffman, of Square Mile, making a morning brew before the UKBC finals, we *think* Kate was demonstrating how to take a Hello Kitty selfie in the pic below.





Thanks to The London Coffee Festival, over four hectic days, we managed to brew and taste a load of delicious different coffees, mingle with exhibitors (not forgetting those epic coffee parties) , supply delicious RO water to Bewley’s/Grumpy Mule and Has Bean Steve for his Ibrik performance. We spoke to a large proportion of the ridiculous 22,632 number of visitors who walked through those doors, hopefully shared some of our water knowledge, and ultimately will sell some more of our systems.

I’m sure you’ll see some familiar faces in the images below (Hi Noble) as well as some tasty signature drinks from the La Marzocco artisan bar from Origin (launching a new coffee liqueur in collaboration with Chase) and Terrone.

See you at the next one!



















See Us at The London Coffee Festival

LCF Logo



It’s been a full year now since we launched the Bespoke Water division of Pendred Retail at last year’s London Coffee Festival. What a year it’s been; busy, tiring, but ultimately very rewarding indeed.

Please come and see us 3rd-6th April where we’ll be on stand SR34.

We’ll be brewing up some tasty Caravan coffee with the help of Black Box Coffee baristas, using our very favourite Marco uber boiler. Some will taste better than others however…..taste the difference good and bad water can have on your cup of coffee. You might be surprised just how much.

We’ll also have copies of the fabulous Blue Crow Media London speciality coffee maps for sale

See you there!

Despacio at Hammersmith Town Hall


When Workshop Coffee asked us if we’d like to be involved in a really cool event, our knee jerk reaction was clearly – HELL YES!!

That event turned out to be the ridiculously amazing sounding Despacio night presented by 2manydjs and James Murphy. Add to this superstar DJ quota a bar and cocktails from the Clove Club and coffee by Workshop and you have what promises to be, yes, a VERY COOL event indeed.

Having worked with Workshop Coffee in the past, and will be working with them on a few future projects, we were thrilled to be asked to be involved.

We installed our filtration system into the temporary bar space this morning, so that by tomorrow evening revellers will be able to imbibe some seriously good coffee to liven up their dancing legs. (check our technician’s impressive arsenal of John Guest fittings!)



And the rather subdued but dramatic dance hall below, complete with 1930’s sprung flooring, will be completely transformed by the time the epic 50,000 watt Despacio sound system has been built, billed as ‘the biggest audiophile soundsystem in existence’, with which to amplify a vinyl only soundtrack.


We only wish we were going!!